Work With Your ADD


bored One of the core principles of managing your ADD is learning how to work WITH your ADD, instead of against it. And nowhere is this more important than at work, where the quality of your work often affects your time, your self-esteem, and your finances.(By the way, “work” isn’t limited to your job. Housework, yard work, studying, etc. all count as work!)

As adults with ADD, our working styles often differ from those of our peers and colleagues. Our energy levels fluctuate pretty drastically. We get bored easily. We can be a bit less organized. We can get easily overwhelmed, and we can procrastinate like champs.

These, and other personal traits, have to be taken into account when you’re working. Otherwise, you end up spinning your wheels and working against your ADD.

Whenever possible, try following these guidelines to help you become more efficient and productive at work:

1. Determine the times of day that your energy levels are highest and lowest. Plan to do more complicated work when your energy levels are highest, and save the easier work for when your energy levels dip.

2. Use organizational and time management systems that work for YOU. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else, and don’t try to conform to someone else’s methods. The way you organize your files might not make sense to anyone else, and neither might your ability to hyper focus! As long as your work gets done, who cares if you went about it a little differently?

3. Eliminate the distractions that you can control. Shut down email and the web when it’s time to buckle down and focus. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to be distracted with the Internet. It will be there waiting for you when the job is done.[LG]A good Desk Organizer can really help![/LG]

Remember, the most successful ADDers work with their ADD, not against it!


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