Kid’s Two Sides Easel: Review from 3Garnetsn2Saphires


2SidedEaselKaren over at 3garnetsn2sapphires gave our Two Sided Art Easel a glowing review!

“It is one toy that allows two children to be together, but separate at the same time.

Twins love being together, but they always have to share just about everything.

This children’s easel does not require them to take turns and each child can have his or her own space without purchasing two separate products.

How many toys can you say that about?”

I know she is a trusted source for reviewing a product like this because she is a mom of three kids. I love it when we can have real moms with real kids try out our products and give us their honest opinion on its function and value.

Here is the review if youd like to read it in ite entirety:

Two Sided Art Easel Review

Thanks again, Karen, and Enjoy!


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