Space Treat: Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


foot-in-doorIs there a door in your home that has a mind of it’s own? It makes unloading and loading a full car unnecessarily challenging. Have you ever been carrying an armful of stuff when the measly door wedge gives out? … and whack! Or worse, you’re trying to open the door with one foot while balancing on the other and your arms are desperately trying to keep their grip on 5 bags of groceries.

These doors just don’t stay where you put them and the biggest offenders are the spring-loaded doors forcing you to race your way through so it doesn’t hit you on your backside.

So whether you’re taking out 7 bags of clothes to donation or you’re carrying in 9 new organizing bins, there is an easy solution for these pesky doors… the kick-down-door-holder!

It’s just like having that extra hand you always needed to hold the door while you carry things in and out. Anyone can put one on – I’ve attached quite a few myself! Stop dodging your door and pick one up at your local hardware store today![LG]Here’s a handy little Door Stop![/LG]

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