1 Strategy to Manage Your ADD


eat-rightThe one ADD management strategy that is guaranteed to make your ADD more manageable is…[drum roll, please]…self-care! Yes, it works for everyone. And small steps lead to really big improvements in this arena.

When I say “self-care,” I’m talking about the three basic things that every person (ADD or not) needs to focus on in order to stay healthy and feel good: nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Let’s take a look at why each of these are so important for adults with ADD…

1. Nutrition

If you pay close attention to what you eat, you’ll find that the foods you consume have a big effect on your ability to manage your ADD. When you consume excess sugar (or caffeine, or simple carbohydrates), your energy spikes, and then you crash.

To manage the crash, you reach for more sugar, which once again makes your energy spike and crash. It’s not uncommon for an ADDer to get stuck in this kind of cycle all day long. When that happens, you just don’t feel good! You deprive yourself of the energy you need to focus on your day.

2. Exercise

It can be hard to create an exercise routine when you feel like you’re constantly running behind on life. But making exercise a priority can make a big positive impact on your ADD.

There are many benefits of exercise. And practically speaking, exercise directly helps combat many ADD challenges. It increases energy and focus, and helps you sleep better. It decreases your stress and tension levels. It gives you the opportunity to stop thinking so much, and move your body. You feel more balanced and in control. Many experts agree that exercise can be just as powerful as medication!

3. Proper Sleep

Studies show that people (without ADD) who are deprived of sleep become stressed out, have trouble concentrating, and difficulty managing tasks. Sounds like ADD, right? Now imagine how bad it is when you already have these challenges to begin with!

If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, you may not be able to fix the problem immediately. But one thing you can do right away is make a decision to make sleep a priority! That might mean cutting out excess stimulation at night, going to bed earlier, or even making an appointment with your doctor.

When you focus on self-care, you feel better, and you lay a foundation for good ADD management.

The Bottom Line: The more you eat nutritiously, get proper sleep, and make time for exercise, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the easier it is to manage your ADD.

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