Product of the Week: Fabric Baskets


fabric-basketsWhen organizing, it’s tempting to get caught up looking for a specialty organizer, something that was designed exactly to fix your clutter dilemma. In frustration, you find yourself saying, “if I could just find a box that was ½” taller”, or “if there was just the perfect organizer for my _____ “! The perfect organizer does exist for some things, but when it doesn’t, it’s time to think outside the box.

Sometimes a good old-fashioned basket or box is the way to go. These simple items save you the stress of finding the “right product”, can be used for something else down the road and are more visually appealing. The Capri Fabric Baskets have all of these qualities, and are very affordable. They are roughly a 10” cube, sold in a set of four, and fold down easily when not in use.

Here are my favorite uses for these great all-purpose organizers:

1. Closet Shelf Organizer – Line these up along your closet shelf to hold anything from scarves and socks to lint rollers and purses.
2. Trunk Organizer – Make your car trunk more usable with these baskets, one basket for each of the following:
a. Emergency Items
b. Tools
c. Spare Shoes
d. Toothbrush and Deodorant
3. Toy Storage – I can’t rave enough about using boxes, baskets and bins for toy storage. This makes it easy for even small children to put their toys away, and still have some sort of organization going on.
4. Travel – Toss one of these, folded, into your luggage to use as a vanity organizer when you get to the hotel. Place it in the bathroom to hold makeup and jewelry.
5. Crafts Organizer – Arts and Crafts supplies can quickly get out of hand. These bins are easy to use and just the right size for separating markers, glue, glitter, tape and more.


One thought on “Product of the Week: Fabric Baskets

  • October 13, 2009 at 1:06 am

    They last 2-3 years as toy storage. After that, they’re toast.

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