6 Steps to an Organized Home Office


computer_deskThere are so many of us that have offices in our homes, whether that is for work or for home budgeting and files. It is hard to keep this area organized when there is so little room, especially if you are trying to set up an office, computer, tables etc, in a small space. However, there are some little tips that can help you make things compact, but, within reach and organized.

1. Purchase a computer desk that has cubbies for papers (printer, envelopes etc.) Make sure that your desk also has; drawer for pens, thumbtacks, paper clips, stapler and staples and misc. It is also handy to have a filing drawer for those receipt files, so they are easy to get to in a moments notice.

2. If you have the space, I would recommend that you also purchase 2-two drawer file cabinets and a counter top to put across these to use as a workspace. If you can, imagine this space organized as a ‘U’ shape, see how handy things can be for you? The area in front of you is the workspace, to your back is the computer desk and to one side of you would be the area that you keep your telephone, printer etc. I have my area set up to that the telephone and printer is under a window. This way I get extra light, do not feel fatigued or ‘boxed’ in and always have fresh air in the workspace.

3. Good lighting is a key factor too! Make sure that you have one lamp for your computer area and another one of your desk (workspace area), these can be hanging lights, halogen or floor lamps, whatever works best in your area.

4. I would also suggest setting up a system in a binder that has an area for telephone, email and addresses and cell phone numbers, another area for ‘URL’s tht you want to remember but don’t want to waste space on your computer and another area that is set-up for websites and log-in information. There are many times that you will signup for a website and then use it very seldom and forget your sign-in information. Always have it handy so you don’t have to have them send you the information and waste time. You can get a free copy of these on my ‘free pamphlets and lists’ page.

5. If you have carpeting, invest in a plastic floor mat to help to eliminate friction from your chair that may cause a problem with your computer.

6. A bookcase (either on the wall or the floor) will come in handy for you as well. Don’t take up space in your filing cabinet for information such as work insurance policies and coverage, this can easily be stored in a binder and labeled for fast access.

I am sure that you will come up with a few suggestions on your own that will come in handy for your size of room. A well lit work environment will increase production during the time that you are in there. Paper work can be tiresome job, make your room bright and cheerful and have everything handy and you will take a way a lot of the stress.


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  • December 5, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    nice tips! There is always you have to remember that you need to clean it regularly!

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