Seasonal Closet Switch


leavesThe cold months are upon us! From coast to coast, even in sunny California, it’s time to make the seasonal closet switch!

Since we are switching from warm weather to cool weather, that means it’s really time to get organized. Why? Because, quite simply, summer clothes are smaller than winter clothes.

Here are some tips on getting through the transition smoothly:

1. Take Inventory: As you pack up summer clothes, get rid of anything you didn’t wear this season. As you bring out your winter clothes, be honest about what doesn’t fit you (one way or another), get rid of it, and don’t look back! Donating clothes is easier than ever, almost everyone has a Goodwill in their neighborhood. In tough economic times, many people are discovering consignment stores. They will either sell your clothes for you for a small fee, or buy them from you. If ditching on your clothes is uncomfortable, realize that the taking inventory process goes both ways (maybe you will discover that you need to go shopping for boots or a new coat!)

2. Pack it Up: Pack anything you are keeping in plastic storage boxes. This is by far the easiest way to store out of season clothes. They can go in the garage, safe from rain, rodents and moisture.

3. Re-stock Closet: Put your winter clothes back into the closet, double- checking for any items that can be discarded.

4. Hangers: Discard any broken hangers. Consider investing in the following: Cedar Hangers (keep insects away and smell wonderful) or Non-Slip Hangers (keep your clothes off the floor)

Feeling Full? If your closet is still bursting at the seams, there are many organizing products and ideas to get you the space you need. Here are some of the best:

• Vertical Space – Use a Closet Double Rod to double your closet space. They hang over the existing closet rod and allow you to hang short items (blouses, skirts and slacks) in two tiers.
Over the Door Hooks – These come in the form of single hooks, coat racks and even shoe racks. Use them everywhere in the house to discover hidden storage spaces.
Under Bed Storage – Specially designed under bed boxes provide storage for accessories, purses, shoes and transition clothes.
• The Wall – Mount accordion style coat hooks to the wall for scarves, belts and purses.


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