Celebrate Your Pet at Pawfun!


pawfunI have to share with all you pet lovers the cutest site devoted to loving and celebrating your favorite pets!

Our friends over at Pawfun.com have created a fun site for just this purpose! You can order personalized bags, cards and more with your pet’s picture on them, or send a free e-card. BONUS: When you create and send a free ecard from www.pawfun.com to a friend, you will receive a FREE GIFT from stacksandstacks.com (a coupon code for $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more). It couldn’t be simpler or more fun; simply upload the image of your pet, add a caption, and choose a variety of borders and clip art for fun – then you can share it with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter!

They also featured one of our products on their blog; the 8-A-Day Pet Feeder – a great little invention that lets the cat’s staff sleep in a bit. 🙂 Thanks guys!



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