5 Tips On Organizing For Tax Season


tax-timeThat’s right, it’s almost tax time again. That time of year when all the folks who use the EZ forms and have a few little tax deductions running around rejoice over the inevitable refund they will recieve. But for a lot of us, it’s more complicated than that. Here is a post I came across by cjpilgrim on eHow.com for organizing at tax time:

Let’s face it we all are not as organized in our life as we would like to be. Just as soon as the holidays are over, we are faced with instant dread. Tax time is upon us and we have to start thinking about all those bills we paid and all the receipts we stuck in various drawers, the car, wallet and coat pockets. Now the dilemma is trying to find what you need and trying to put in some kind of order.

Most of us make a New Year resolution to be more organized for the coming year. If you use accounting software to pay bills online and enter cash receipts this is great, you should have all your information in one place but you will need paper receipts to back up tax deductions. There are several easy ways to accomplish this so that next year you will not be pulling your hair out. Make a fresh start in 2010 and see that 2011 starts off without a headache.


1 – Buy 13 letter or legal size file folders or buy 13 large letter or legal size envelopes. Label 12 envelopes or file folders beginning with January through December and the year. Example: January 2010, February 2010. The 13th folder or envelope label as Tax Records.

You can read the other 4 tips and the rest of the post here


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