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Product of the Week: General Household Organizers

By Michaela Strathman

organizerThis week’s featured products are sure to please the organizing crowd! A whole new set of binder-style household organizers are available, each designed to help you stay organized and be more productive at the same time. We have four featured organizers, including the Medical Organizer, Home Maintenance Organizer, Takeout Menu Organizer and the Travel Organizer (the fun one). Each one is sold separately so you can choose the ones that will help you out!

What I love about them:

1. Divide and Conquer – A binder for each task allows you to focus on one thing at a time. And, the fact that each task has its own binder means that you can keep it wherever you want, no more digging through files in the back of your office closet for the right folder. Keep the Takeout Organizer by the phone, the Home Maintenance binder in the garage, etc…

2. Portability – These binders are portable and feature an elastic closure so that loose papers don’t fall out. You can be sure to have your home maintenance organizer with you next time you visit the hardware store!

3. Colorful – Let’s face it, they are fun and pretty and look great lined up on a shelf.

4. Not a Folder, (more like a mini file cabinet) – The elastic closure and divided folders inside keep papers in the right place.

Would you have use for one of these?

Posted March 1, 2010, filed in Product of the week, New Products, Clutter Control Products


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From Jena Webber, March 7 2010

Ooh, that home maintenance organizer looks good.

Jena Webber's last blog post..Hilarious

From Judy Hamm, March 24 2010

Just bought two spice organizers for my newly remodeled kitchen. I love them! I put all the spices in uniform jars and labeled all of them alphabetically. Very easy to find just the right spice without going through every jar! Not many places carry this size. Thanks.

From Eva Wallace, March 25 2010

Ahhh, don't you just love being organized!

From ganesh kumar, June 3 2010

Fantastic piece. I'll be passing it around. Hope to read more from you.

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