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organized+enrtywayThe entryway is a frequent griping point in every home! Messes and clutter often begin in the entryway. Yet with the right tools, the entryway to the home can be your best friend, getting you out the door in a jiffy!

Pick a problem , find the answer, and reap the benefits of an organized entryway!

Problem: Shoes tripping you up much?

Solution: Shoe Receptacle. I didn’t say shoe rack because, for many families, a shoe rack simply won’t do the trick. Why? Because while you may be organized enough to use a shoe rack properly, little kids and even many adults may not be. It’s much easier to throw (or kick) shoes onto the floor than to bend over and place them carefully on shelves. If you want your family to comply with the shoe rule, you have to make it easy. A lovely way to do this is with a large woven basket. I know that this means there will be some digging required the next day, but we’re not looking for a needle in a haystack here, it should be pretty easy to spot two pink Dora cowgirl boots in a pile of shoes. If you do go with a shoe rack, use one with solid shelves so the shoes don’t fall through.

Problem: Piles of Mail

Solution: A Mail Sorter. Look for one with at least three slots (outgoing, incoming, bills and to do items). If you are looking mostly for style and a small footprint, a simple, small one will work just fine. Families may want to invest in something bigger. There are great wall mounted organizers that have message boards on the outside and mail sorters on the inside. You can keep notes about the kids activities, flyers, homework and more all in one place, right by the door.

Problem: Jackets in a Heap

Solution: A coat rack seems like an obvious solution here, and I agree. If you can’t drill into the walls, try a coat tree, freestanding and ultimately stylish! Limit each member of the house to one seasonal jacket, coat or sweater. Period. The rest can go in the closet.

Problem: “Honey, have you seen the keys?”

Solution: A key rack by the door or hall. Many mail sorters also have key hooks built into them, look for one that fits the size of your organizing needs to enjoy a calm, tidy entryway!

What entryway problems do you have? Have you found a solution?


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