Product of the Week – Newly Designed Kids Storage Boxes


Iris drawersIf you’ve ever stepped on a Lego, read on…

Arts, crafts, toys and even Legos are no match for this new line of kids toy storage boxes from Iris.

Why THEY will love (and actually use) them:

1. Colorful – Like a bee to a flower, your busy little ones will be attracted to the eye-pleasing primary color theme of these organizers.

Easy to Use – Tiny tots can handle the Lego box lids, school age children will master the project case latches in no time.

3. Add-Ons – Two of the new organizers come with lego bases for playtime.

4. See-Thru – Clear plastic allows them to see the contents, so they don’t have to “open and dump” each box to find the toy they want.

Why YOU will love them:

Each is space efficient and stackable. The Project Case Chest is especially space conscious, with a single frame and six removable cases for stickers, paints, markers, crayons, etc.

Other organizers included with this line:
Lego Medium Box 4 Piece Set
Toy Stack Baskets
4 Piece Project Case Set

Please Share! What’s the most painful toy you’ve ever stepped on?


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