Garage Organization Tip: Make Tools a Home


pegboardIf you’re anything like me (or most households, for that matter), you’re the organized half of the total household equation. This can be frustrating. Especially with older kids who don’t have to ask you for things like tape or a screwdriver anymore. They know where is all is. Sometimes better than me, these days.

My Youngest Son loves skateboards and recently received a new deck for his birthday. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is the actual board part. Which means the old board has to be disassembled and the new one put together and customized. This requires tools. All over his bed.

I keep my tools in a tool bag in my laundry room. This works for me because I put them back when I’m done with them. Unfortunately, I’m the only one. So when Youngest Son gets what he needs from the bag, I don’t realize what’s gone and what finds its way back home until I need it, sometimes weeks later. If the poor tools haven’t made it out of Youngest Son’s bedroom by the end of the project, they risk rolling under a bed or finding their way into a nightstand drawer, and then who knows…
Here’s a great solution (or at least a partial one)!

We’re all familiar with peg board, I’m sure. But have you ever thought of drawing an outline of the tools with a Sharpie when they are hanging up? When one is missing, you know exactly which one it is because its little outline will be empty! There’s also a company that makes Tool Outline Decals for this very purpose. You may not know who took it, but you know which one, and right away while it’s still fresh in everyones mind as to where it is.

Pretty cool, eh?


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