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shoetraps.jpgWhat woman doesn’t love shoes?! And, if you love your shoes, naturally, you want them to last. Part of them lasting means storing them properly…it also eliminates the clutter that occurs when shoes are strewn all over!

A proper shoe storage system makes shoes easy to organize, access and coordinate with your clothes. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you protect and organize your shoes with ease:

1) Collect/Sort

Gather all your shoes together in one place and sort them. Discard shoes that are too worn out or damaged or would be too costly to repair. Toss any “singles” if you’re reasonably sure that its mate won’t show up. Donate or give away shoes that are in good condition but don’t fit well or aren’t fashionable.

2) Categorize/Organize

Categorize your shoes according to season (winter, spring, summer, fall), style (flats, sandals, sneakers, low heels, mid heels, high heels), color (black, brown, navy, beige, etc.) or function (dressy, sporty, work, casual). Categorizing according to function works well if you have multiple shoes in the same style and color. For example,  black designer high heels might fall into the dressy category, but black regular high heels might fall into the work category.

3) Protect/Maintain

The damage caused when shoes fold or wrinkle can be permanent. Storing a shoe properly means making sure that it retains its basic shape. Stuffing shoes with paper works well if you’re on a budget, but wooden and plastic shoe trees provide more exact shape preservation. Never pack shoes tightly together or force them into a small container. Long-term storage should be a cool, dry, dark place to prevent damage from sun exposure and dramatic temperature changes. Stock shoe care supplies – polishes, conditioner, brushes, cloths, shoe shine sponge, etc. – to keep your shoes looking their best. Store them where you perform your shoe care.

4) Store

There are shoe organizers, cubbies and shoe boxes and then there are ShoeTraps, the Rolls Royce of shoe storage. ShoeTraps is a beautiful, easy-to-assemble, modular system that treats your shoes like royalty. For a totally customized solution, select the sizes and shapes that suit your specific footwear needs. The cedar wood lining helps keep your shoes dry and refreshed. The clear glass viewing panel on the front makes it a snap to locate the pair you want. The drop front gives you quick and easy access.

What more could you ask to help keep your home free of shoe clutter and your closet and shoes neat and organized?!

Here’s to being organized for life!
– A. J.


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