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Product of the Week: Basket Shelves

By Michaela Strathman

plastic basket shelvesThese colorful plastic shelves can help you tackle any organizing job around the home! The basket style design includes raised sides to keep everything in place - nothing can slip off and fall to the floor. And best of all, the price is right!

Some Suggested Uses:

• Outside – Use as a potting table. Keep gardening tools and supplies on the lower shelves and reserve the top shelf for plant care. The slatted shelves mean easy cleanup, allowing dirt and water to fall right through to the ground.

• Pantry – Create a pantry or add to your kitchen shelves, storing baking goods, dishes, fruit and more.

• Garage – Keep your most frequently used tools handy, right by the door, on this compact plastic shelving unit.

• Kids Room – Choose a colorful shelf to catch the eyes of your little ones!

• Bathroom – If you lack bathroom storage but have open floor space, a simple white shelf can keep makeup, towels and hair supplies neat and tidy.

• Closet – Keep shoes, purses and accessories off the floor and on the rack, where they belong.

How else would you use them?

Posted May 10, 2010, filed in Product of the week, New Products, Clutter Control Products


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