Take Five to Simplify!


takefiveI know it’s hard to find time to de-clutter. “I don’t have all weekend, and that’s how long it would take to make a difference!”. Not true! You can clean up your home over time, by taking five!

No, not a five minute break – but this little task is so easy, you won’t even need a break!

Pick up 5 things, and find places for them!

These should be things that you actually use, but that you just seem to put anywhere, because they don’t have good places. If you don’t know exactly where things belong, you have to designate a good spot. Take a minute to think it through — where would be a good spot? Then always put those things in those spots when you’re done using them. Do this a few times a day in your home, a few things at a time, and before you know it – you’re going to start seeing a big difference! [LG]Here’s a great Tote for taking 5 to any room![/LG]

Thanks to Leo Babauta from ZenHabits.net for the great idea!


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