Friday Favs: Top 5 Mom and Kid Blogs


my-favorite-thingsI come across some fantastic blogs during my daily surfing expeditions across the internet! It’s high time I started sharing some of my favorite blogs with you. So, without further ado (drum roll, please)… Here are my top 5 Mom (and kid) blogs:

1. Because I Said So is written by Dawn Meehan (who has a book coming out soon!) and is an incredible humorous accounting of daily life with six kids (all of whom are named after U.S. cities). Her post about Mother’s day is a classic example of her whit.

2. Adventures in Chaos is a great little blog over at Real Simple written by Kristin Van Ogtrop (also an author) with some funny musings on motherhood and working life.

3. Rock in My Dryer is another favorite of mine written by Shannon. She writes on a multitude of topics, but my favorites revolve around home and family.

4. Mama Talk is next, written by Michelle. I love her candor. She says just what’s on her mind. And of course, her sense of humor.

5. “Organized” Chaos is written by Billie Jean, a fellow mom/home schooler/organizing freak, who gives amusing insights into life as a home schooling mom. She offers up reviews of home school curriculum, too, which is awesome!

Thanks to all of you for your time, effort, insight, and humor!


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