Eco-Friendly Shopping on the Cheap!


eco-friendly-productsMany of us really want to purchase environmentally sensitive products, but oftentimes they seem to be unattainable, financially speaking. But, if you arm yourself with careful research and a little patience, you will discover that shopping for eco friendly products doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few tips on how to do your part for Mother Earth while shopping on a budget:

Renewable Resources: When buying furniture, look for woods that are plantation grown, easily renewable and use little water to grow. Bamboo fits all of these categories, and since it has become so popular and is so fast-growing, it is also often less expensive than hardwoods, or even other eco-friendly woods like teak and eucalyptus.

** To prove this point, a quick price comparison: This Crimson Bamboo Area Rug is $17 less than a similar sized traditional rug, and a whopping $50 less than a braided rug of the same size. And it’s absolutely gorgeous, vibrant and would liven up any living area!

Recycled Materials for Home Décor: This is especially useful for outdoor decorating. Products made from recycled metals and plastics tend to be cheaper than large furniture made from recycled woods. So think small, a simple decorative piece in the garden or patio is all you need to make a difference and support a good cause!

** Outside: Recycled Aluminum Thermometer. Beautiful, sturdy, antique style (and cheaper than many non recycled models).

** Inside: Eyelet Tote – You’re gonna love the looks and the price of this one! Use it in the closet, office, or, what the heck, anywhere and everywhere! (p.s. It’s made of recycled plastic bottles – how cool is that?)

EXTRA TIP: Really Strapped for Cash? Look for recycled cardboard products, including office supplies and much more!


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