iPhone Apps to Keep You Organized


iphoneThe iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones on the market today. If you have one, you already know that it helps control clutter – after all, it’s a phone, a camera, and a mp3 player all in one compact package. I know that since I’ve had mine, my handbag has become quite a bit lighter!

One of the great things about the iPhone is the multitude of applications (or ‘apps’ as they are commonly known) that are available. There are apps for nearly everything – including staying organized! Here’s some of the best ones that I’ve seen:

Remember The Milk – Besides having a great name, this app lets you create a sortable to-do list. It’s a great way to have several lists (a work list, shopping list, general errands list) in one space. You can sort your tasks by location, priority, or due date. It’s like your own personal assistant in your phone!

Evernote – Evernote uses the elephant as a mascot, because an elephant never forgets. Once you start using Evernote, your friends will swear your memory has become razor sharp! With Evernote, you’ll never again lose track of an interesting web page, a photo, a screenshot, an email, or even a Tweet! Evernote is like an automatic filing system, it indexes the information you want, and makes it searchable according to your needs. No more cluttered computer desktops, or lost files!

Use Your Handwriting – If you just got an iPhone, you may find that the most difficult part of using one is getting used to the onscreen keyboard. If you’re frustrated that you’re wasting time trying to tap at little buttons, you’ll love Use Your Handwriting. It’s an app that lets you use your finger as a pen and the screen as a paper. You’ll be able to create notes and lists in your own writing, very quickly. Plus, it’s just kind of fun!

Have you found any great organizational apps out there! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them, and will let you know when I see some more!


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