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Travel Organization: Airport Advice

Travel-organizationAs much as you might be looking forward to your next trip, there is always some stress involved planning. Airports don’t make things any easier, with rules and regulations that can make getting through security seem as time consuming as the trip itself. From that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you must have forgotten something to worrying about missing your flight, there’s a lot to keep track of.

The easiest way to keep stress at bay is by planning ahead. With some organization, the right tools and a little forethought, getting in and out of any airport is easy.

Always forget your toothbrush?
For anyone who has a hard time remembering everything that needs to get packed a travel organizer is the way to go. Try the Pack This List Pad for at home or the Travel Organizer for keeping all the details about your trip in order. Storing everything in one place is the best way to make sure you don’t misplace anything important.

The Passport and Currency Wallet or the On-the-Go Briefcase-Organizer are a great way to keep your passport, plane tickets and money in one place.

Packing Your Checked Bag
When it comes to keeping clothes wrinkle free, there’s no better way than the rolling method. Rolling up clothes cuts down on folds and creases, while keeping clothes compact.

Think of your luggage as an investment, look for pieces like the Houndstooth 3-piece Spinner Set or the Sidewinder Three Piece Luggage Set. Both come in a distinct color or pattern that is easy to spot when trying to find your luggage. This lightweight luggage is also sturdy and set on casters so all pieces are as easy to carry as they are to pull. If you’re traveling with black luggage, think about a luggage tag that will stand out and make your bags easy to spot.

Packing Your Carry On
Your carry on is the place where all nonreplicable items should go, that includes medication, fragile electronics and valuable jewelry.

Having the right case for all your electronics makes it easy to keep them organized and ensures they won’t get damaged. The Travel Cord Organizer is a great way to keep all your electronics together and makes them easy to charge on the go. A snug fitting laptop case like the Neoprene Laptop Sleeve can be left on as it goes through security so you don’t have to waste time taking it out of its case.

Consider bringing valuable or nonreplicable jewelry with you. The Travel Jewelry Case is a compact way to safely store and organize the jewelry.

Think about bringing a change of clothes with you in case your luggage gets lost. This is an especially good idea when traveling with kids, you never know when, what or where something is going to get spilled. Pick something lightweight, like pants and a shirt. Also think about using a set like the 15 Piece Carry-On Kit so you can bring your essential toiletries with you.

From traditional to casual there are many different bags that work well as a carry on. For a classic look try a bag like the 2 Pocket Executive Briefcase. The main compartment makes taking out and putting away your laptop easy, while the large front pockets provide lots of space for storing electronics. For a more casual look try a small tote like the Mario Batali Insulated Amorini Crew Tote that comes with a separate section for storing food.

Forget the Peanuts
Airplane food, whether it’s bad or nonexistent, is rarely something to look forward to. If you plan on bringing something to eat with you look for an insulated lunch bag like the Built by NY Neoprene Market Tote that will keep food cool and fold flat when not in use.

Traveling Abroad?
Whether it’s reading street signs or deciphering menus, a pocket dictionary is a must when you don’t know the language. Rather than having to buy a new dictionary every time you visit a new country, think about upgrading to an electronic translator like the 16 Language Translator. The Talking Translator helps you figure out how to properly pronounce words or ask questions.

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From Expat American, July 10 2010

I usually just keep my travel stuff in my carry-on bag (which is usually all I use to travel). So

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From Expat American, July 10 2010

I usually just leave my travel-related gear inside my carry-on bag (which is the only bag I need). Not only does that organize all the little containers and such, but they function as a kind of to-do list. Seeing the 3 oz. bottle reminds me to fill it with contact lens solution. Seeing the toothbrush holder reminds me to get my toothbrush and toothpaste. And so on. I find this pretty effective.

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