But What Do I Do With All The Caps?


recycle binI’m learning more about recycling everyday (thanks to my friends at BigGreenHead.com!).

Like many households, we have a giant blue recycling bin that we throw all our recyclables into. Like many people, I had some questions in my mind as I was tossing a plastic container or a pizza box; Can the lid be recycled? Is it OK if there is a little grease on the pizza box? Should I rinse out containers before recycling them? But when I’m in the kitchen, I’m usually doing five other things and I don’t have time to find the answer.

I kinda just figure the guys at the recycle place will figure it out.

Recycling Etiquette 101 made me rethink that. Imagine you worked at the recycle plant and had to sort bottles with soda still in them or old, un-rinsed sour cream containers. Yuck!

And here’s what you do with the caps!

Check out the article for some good, conscientious tips on how to properly recycle. It opened my eyes!


3 thoughts on “But What Do I Do With All The Caps?

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  • November 10, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    I think about what will happen to the item at the recycle plant every time I throw something away. Some things, like mayonnaise jars or that sour cream container, gets tossed in the regular trash. How would I feel if I was working on the line and had to deal with it. Makes me reconsider how I do things.

    dkzody’s last blog post..A great Monday had by all

  • November 11, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Thanks dkzody! I never really used to think about that until this was brought to my attention. Makes me feel a bit insensitive. Makes me look at a lot of things a bit differently now. 🙂

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