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motivationIt’s often hard to keep the momentum going after you start an organizing project. Reason being, unless you are a professional organizer or self-proclaimed organizing junkie, organization can seem…boring…pointless…overwhelming…difficult.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Then it’s very likely that when you think about getting organized, your natural procrastination mechanism kicks into overdrive.

You are not alone! In fact, one of the most popular questions about organizing is: “How do I get/stay motivated?”

The answer to this question requires you to look at your life from the inside-out. In other words, the best thing you can do to motivate yourself to get organized is to think about your BIG WHY. (And this doesn’t take a long time or require a lot effort!)

While considering this, it’s important to remember that “the why” is different for everyone. Maybe you want to create a world where…

– You’re not overwhelmed and suffocated by disorganization.

– You have more free time to spend with family and friends and to do the things you love.

– You save money because you no longer have to constantly replace lost items.

– You’re ready to welcome unexpected guests in your home, with no embarrassing mess to explain away.

– You don’t feel pulled in a million directions because you only commit to activities that you enjoy and that your schedule can handle.

– You find what you need when you need it – in seconds!

– You set a positive example for your children, so they want to help your home stay organized.

– Your friends say “I wanna have a home like yours! You’ve got it all together.”

These are just a few of the many reasons why you may want to organize your life, your home, your work. And each one is equally powerful and transformational.

No matter the reason, when it comes to finding the motivation you need to get organized and stay that way, always think about how organization will benefit you and yours. Then keep that in mind when any cloudy “organizing” day comes your way.

So let me turn the tables and ask you a question: “What amazing world lies just beyond your chaos?”

The answer may just be the catalyst you need to get up, get moving, and FINALLY get organized.

Carmen Coker is a professional organizer who helps individuals find the motivation and know-how to get organized and stay organized. To learn how to save money, create more space, and manage your time through organization, claim your “FREE Tip Kit: 10+ Pages of Tips and Tools to Help You Get Organized — Finally!” at


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