Freeze Your Assets


organized freezerI found this over at Your Life. Organized. by Monica Ricci – Enjoy!

Four wild salmon fillets. Check.
Two containers of homemade cannelloni. Check.
Six blocks of Feta. Check.

Your freezer is a huge part of managing mealtimes, and it can save you a ton of money. But ONLY if you actually eat what you freeze! Too many well-intentioned shoppers go to the trouble to clip coupons, buy in bulk or chase sales around town, only to freeze food that they never eat. As they say in the comic books, ARGGHH! What a horrible waste of time, money and effort!

I know it’s true because I’ve occasionally been guilty of it myself, so I decided to begin keeping a simple freezer inventory sheet. It’s a lot like my printer ink inventory sheet, only bigger. But it’s just as low-tech and just as simple. The only difference is that the number of line items is a lot longer and there’s a lot of variety. Here is a shot of mine.[LG]A basket to organize your freezer![/LG]

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