Painless Holiday Shopping and Gifting


giftsThere’s only one way to take the speculation out of gift-giving: preparation! If you wait until the last-minute to figure out what to get whom, you’re going to waste valuable time in the process.

One manageable way to stay on top of your gift-giving game is to create a list of must-know info about each person. This includes:

– Favorite colors, brands, and sizes for clothing

– Favorite stores, hang-outs, and restaurants

– Favorite authors and magazines

– Favorite music, TV shows, and movies

– Favorite foods, wine, and beer

– If they have any collections, hobbies, or special interests

– Etc.

A listing such as this gives you a lot of room to maneuver. Not only do you know what each recipient likes, you’ll have multiple options within multiple prices ranges. You could go for the expensive, like a new outfit, or go for the inexpensive, like a new book or a $20 gift certificate to their favorite store.

Here is a painless method to note (and remember!) possible gift ideas all year round: Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

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