5 Organizing Tips for Working Moms


office organizersIt’s not quite Spring yet, but it may be time for a bit of Spring Cleaning – for your office!

Michelle Maffei has written a great post over at SheKnows.com with some timely and helpful tips on doing just that. Here’s an excerpt:

Whether you work from home or just use your office for family purposes, giving your home office a spring cleaning will boost productivity while reducing stress. From categorizing the clutter to keeping at-home kids happy so you can work, give yourself a career spring cleaning and organize your office with these tips for working moms.

1) Put clutter into categories:

Breathe some fresh air into your home office by dividing your office into categories, such as work, leisure (magazines, recipes, brochures, etc.), errands (mail, movie rentals, etc), and extras (toys, crafts, etc.). Then keep your desk clutter-free by designating a single electronic or paper planner system; leaving an errand tote by the door to grab on the go; using three-ring binders for tear-outs; and designating a drawer for things that aren’t work-related that can be cleared out once per week.

Click here to read the other 4 tips!

Got any tips that work well for you?? Leave us a comment!

The office organizers in the picture can be found here.


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