5 Tips For Organizing Your Pampered Pet


pampered pet bedDo you own a pampered pet? Maybe two, three, or more? If you do, then he/she is very much a part of your everyday life, and it’s important to include the pet in your overall organizing plan for yourself or your family. Here are some ways you can organize your pet’s stuff:

(1) Use an old plastic container or wicker basket as a central holding point for the pet’s toys. Place it in a spot where the pet spends a lot of his time, and a spot where he can reach inside the container easily to get the toys. At the end of the day, you can make a round of the play area with container in-hand, picking up the pet’s toys and putting them back inside the container.

(2) Designate cabinet space for the pet. Use the space to store canned food, dry food, treats, wipes, bath supplies, medicines, leashes, etc. Categorize the items, stack them neatly or place them in small containers, and there they will stay…organized and out-of-sight!

(3) If you like to travel with your pet, use an old backpack or other bag to organize the pet’s items for the trip. Carry the staples: food, treats, toys, bowls, an old water bottle with lid to hold fresh water, paper towels and/or wipes for messes, meds, extra blanket, etc.

(4) Hang a hook in an inconspicuous area, such as behind a door, inside a closet, or in the garage or utility room. Use the hook for leashes, collars, pet apparel, etc.

(5) Create a notebook for the pet. Include copies of important vaccination documentation, phone numbers to ER clinics, kennel or sitter information, etc. Also, if you are sentimental and have stashed mementos of your pet over time, then make sure you get a versatile notebook that can support the items you have kept. For example, zipper pockets for the “my first ID tag,” clear pockets for pictures, page pockets for certificates or medical records, etc.

What organizing tips do you have for your pampered pet? Leave a comment!

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