Product of the Week: For a Beautiful Garden

june gardenI love June in Norther California! 80 degree sunshine every day, and my garden's in full bloom – it's lovely!

As most gardeners know, the secret to big healthy blooms is to feed your plants regularly. One way of doing this is through composting.

I love the concept, but have always shied away from it because of it's appeal to the local skunks and racoons. But I've found a composter worth trying!

The Algreen 200 Liter Composter – by Commerce claims to be rodent proof, and the design is really pretty and will match my garden decor.

This composter holds up to 55 gallons of compost – plenty for my small garden – and is made from spun cast plastic to withstand harsh weather conditions. It locks tight to deter rodents, and even has a tea strainer to catch tea leaves without the liquid!

Pretty nifty, and at $149 it's a pretty good deal as well!


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