Tuesday Tip: Make Giving Easy


Doorknob Hanging Canvas Laundry Hamper - by Household EssentialsI am a huge fan of thrift shops! Both donating to and shopping at.

Since I like to shop my local store weekly for great deals, I have to purge my stuff almost as often to avoid clutter.

Here is a great tip for keeping those donate-ables corralled until donation day:

Hang a Laundry Bag of Laundry Hamper from the doorknob in your bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room, or even from a a hook on the wall or closet rod. Have one central bag, or several in different rooms in your home; wherever you come across items to donate. As family members come across items they no longer want, they can simply slip them into the bag. Collect the contents of all the bags once a week (or month) for a donation drop off!

This 27″H x 16.5″W x 6″D Laundry Hamper is made of heavy duty breathable white canvas and can hold the equivalent of two loads of laundry. The back side of the bag is zippered for easy removal of any clothing or other items you’ve placed inside.

The Doorknob Hanging Canvas Laundry Hamper  by Household Essentials sells for $8.99 at stacksandstacks.com.


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