Product of the Week: Luggage Rack to the Rescue


Designer Solid Oak Luggage RackWhen my mother-in-law gave us a Designer Solid Oak Luggage Rack for the guest room, I admit – I thought it was kind of a crazy gift. Even crazier than the ceramic chicken that she’d brought during her last visit.

I thought it was a strange thing to have, because last time I checked we didn’t have plans to open up a hotel anytime soon, and I’d only seen luggage racks during business trips. The only time I’d seen a luggage rack ins somebody’s house was during reruns of ‘Mr. Belvedere’. To tell the truth, it spent it’s first six months in our house buried inside the guest room closet.

It wasn’t until one of my old sorority sisters from college was coming to visit that I decided to set it up. I thought it would be a bit of a goof – but, she loved it! She said it was so easy to just open her luggage and keep the case on the rack, and it made her feel more organized, which made her feel like she wasn’t imposing on us by making a mess.

So, can a luggage rack make your guest feel more at home? Yes!

But that’s not all it can do. I’ve used it as a blanket stand – it’s ideal for airing out blankets between seasons. If you put a tray on it, it works perfectly as a tray table, which is great for game night. I have also used it as a tray during big potluck dinners; when you’re lucky enough to get extra people, it’s nice to have a place to set out the food they brought.

All in all, a luggage rack makes a great gift, and if you don’t have a wise mother-in-law in your life, go ahead and get one for yourself. They are available at Stacks and I’m sure you’ll think of even more ways to use it than I have. And when you do – let me know!