Experience Your Dream Drawer!


Drawer Organizer - Dream DrawerI don’t know about you, but I like searching through my dresser for matching socks about as much as I like going to the dentist!  In this increasingly busy world, every minute counts, especially in the morning when I am shuffling kids, hairdryers and my own work clothes.  Have you ever dreamed of opening up your drawers and immediately seeing exactly what you need, right where you need it?  Sounds crazy, right?

But it’s actually much simpler than we are making it out to be.  The solution to this common dilemma is nothing new, it’s always been the organizer’s best friend:  the drawer divider.
One of my favorite drawer dividers is the dream drawer drawer organizer, because it is easy to use and inexpensive.  These dividers can be used all over the home to provide the organization you crave.  In the office, keep pencils, staplers and other supplies separated for easy access.  In the bathroom, makeup, toiletries and bath supplies stand no chance of mingling when these drawer dividers are used, and in the kitchen, the spice drawer, utensil drawer and junk drawer all benefit equally from these nifty tools.
The design of these expandable drawer dividers allows them to maximize the use of space.  Since they are spring loaded, they reach from one end of the drawer to the other – no wasted space that you find on the sides of commonly used drawer trays.  And the fact that they are extendable means less measuring on your part.  They come ready to use, with heavy duty double stick tape to adhere them to the front and back of the drawer.  I also like that they are extra-tall.  I find that many drawer organizers are too short and the items that are supposed to be organized seem to crawl over the divider when I’m not looking.  Check out the dream drawer divider at Stacks and Stacks – a quick, easy, and affordable solution to messy drawers!


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