It All Makes Sense With Galvanized Utility Bins


Galvanized Utility Bins - Set of 6I live in a house that has a lot of stairs, and it seems like I am constantly finding things that are supposed to be downstairs laying around upstairs, and things that should stay upstairs are always finding their way to the first floor – are you confused yet?

Imagine how confused I was when I discovered a set of measuring spoons, two weeks worth of mail, and seven and half pairs of shoes upstairs, and no less than four blankets and every Lego piece that’s been manufactured since 1982 downstairs. Long story short, I needed a way to collect everything and easily bring it where it should go.

I read in a magazine about having a ‘clutter catcher’ by the stairs – so I bought a pretty basket from a craft fair, and left it at the bottom of the stairs. That lasted about two days before the dogs chewed it to pieces. I really liked the idea – it was so easy to put books, sweaters, and kids toys into it and bring it upstairs, but I needed something more durable.

My friend had ordered some of these Galvanized Utility Bins to store her gardening supplies in her garage, and had one left over – so I figured I’d give it a try. It. Was. Awesome. It looks really cool – I was worried it would look too ‘industrial’ or weird by the stairs, but that’s totally not the case. It looks very ‘Architectural Digest’, actually!

It’s made of galvanized steel, so the dogs can’t eat it, and the built-in handles make it easy to carry. I was thinking of getting another one for the closet, because I think it would a great place to keep folded towels – they’re always falling out of my tiny bathroom cabinet. Anyway, they look great, they work great – what more do you need? You can find them at Stacks and Stacks.


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