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Product Review: Hotel Style Luggage Rack – Foldaway Suitcase Stand

Hotel Style Luggage RackAn inviting and comfortable guest room should bring relaxing hotel touches to your home.  Create a casual yet stylish space for your guests by adding things they probably wouldn't have packed, like a robe or slippers. Scented candles or a cozy throw blanket are a good way to create a warm feel. Pick up some fresh flower at the store or grab some plush throw pillows from around the house to give the bed a decadent feel. These little touches are a great way to welcome your guest.

Guest rooms are often the last room to get that finishing touch.  Often it's better to keep things uncluttered so the room has a serene, restful feel, which any traveler will appreciate after any long trip. With a few essentials your guests will have everything they need to feel at home. A rack like the Hotel Style Luggage Rack – Foldaway Suitcase Stand is a classic hotel touch. With a clean, compact design this rack is ideal for a smaller guest bedroom that doesn't have a lot of storage. A foldaway suitcase stand can be brought out when guests are in town and folded flat, so it can be stored in the closet or under the bed. A luggage rack also saves your guest from having to unpack. Look for a rack that features durable construction and classic design to create a stylish look.

This stand can also be used to create your own do it yourself end table. Simply set a vintage suitcase on top of the stand, place next to the bed as a nightstand and top off with a lamp. You'll have a look travelers will love! Bring this combination into the living room to great a globe trotting feel. Holding up to seventy pounds, the Hotel Style Luggage Rack allows you to use the suitcase as additional storage. Get yours at Stacks and Stacks.

Posted November 22, 2011, filed in Product of the week, How I de-cluttered, Best selling products, Clutter Control Products, Living Simply


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