Spice Up Your Holiday Table


DinnerwareMixing up dinnerware is a great and easy way to create an interesting table top. Try using dinner plates from one set of china paired with salad bowls from another to create layers of pattern or color. Have a set of basic white dishes? Switch out a few pieces with dinnerware in a bold pattern and instantly create a one of a kind look!

From fine china that has been passed down through the family for years to a flea market find with a fun pattern to brand new plates with a modern shape, by pulling different elements onto your table top you can create a look that suits your style.

Whether you have two sets of dinnerware or ten, a collection that doesn’t get used everyday needs the right container. Look for dinnerware storage that will hold all the pieces from your set, like a plate chest that can hold all twelve of your dinner plates. That way you won’t have to worry about misplacing an odd cup or saucer that couldn’t be stored with the rest of the set. An alternative to storage containers are plate protectors, which protect China but still allow you to see your beautiful dishes through a glass buffet or cabinet.

When you already have each dinnerware set placed in its own custom storage case moving is simple, all you have to do is add additional packing around each piece to make sure they don’t break and fit snugly in the chest. Secure the lid by tying it on with string or tape and your dinnerware is safely packed and ready to go. Features like riveted handles make transporting delicate pieces even easier! You can purchase them at Stacks and Stacks.


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