Inexpensive Decor Ideas for Any Budget


toilet paper holderIf your home is in desperate need of a decor-update, but the wallet just won’t allow for that costly remodel right now, never fear. We’ve got tips for decorating on any budget (yes, even if the budget is zero.) With a little creativity and a little elbow-grease, you can improve the look of any space in your home to meet your needs and brighten up your outlook instantly!

Here are some tips and rules to guide you on your affordable decorating journey:

1. Think Small: Sometimes the smallest changes are all you need to achieve decorating success. Something as simple as an inexpensive toilet tissue stand can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom. This one has a nice classic design that works well with classic and contemporary decors. In the living room, find inexpensive lamps to add to end tables for a polished look.

2. A Can of Paint goes a Long Way: If you own your home or have a paint-friendly landlord, repainting is the easiest and quickest way to give any room a new look. You can buy a gallon of paint for under $20, and paint comes in an endless supply of colors these days.

3. Refurbish for pennies: A can of spray paint and a little sand paper can transform an older furniture piece into a seemingly brand new one. Spray paint is cheap and (seriously) easy to use. All you have to do is shake and spray.

4. The Zero Budget Decor Fix: There are two ways to go with this one. You can either get stuff for free – look for garage sales or in online classifieds – or you can use stuff you already have. Maybe you have an old trunk or homemade bookcase that has always been in the bedroom, but you have been dreaming of de-cluttering your sleep-space. Simply move the bookcase (or trunk or whatever else you are tripping on in the dark) into another area of the home to add storage and change up the look for free.

Bonus Tip: For DIY projects like these, buddy up with a friend to share the cost of painting supplies and help each other out with your budget friendly decorating projects – Everyone’s a winner this way!


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