Review: Scroll Letter Holder with Hooks


Scroll Letter Holder with HooksIn the even partnership I have with my wife, I am the lucky one who gets to be in charge of checking the mail and sorting it out. Our mailbox only has one key, and I was the one that got to hold it. That means I get to see the new magazines first, steal all the good coupons for myself and read all the thank-you cards, wedding invitations and postcards we get from our family and friends first.

Unfortunately that also means I am in charge of sorting the mail, which is something I am not very good at.

Usually my mail organization system consists of picking out the good stuff and flopping the bills and junk mail onto our kitchen table. When my wife comes home from work, I am in big trouble. “What is all this trash!” my dear wife would say. I had no reasonable explanation, it should be a simple task, but I need some sort of assistance when it comes to organizing the mail.

What I found was the scroll letter holder with hooks, which I attached to the wall of our entryway. This mail organizer has a really cool looking scroll pattern, I like the way it adds to our entryway; it is a little bit bare without some décor on the wall.

This metal mail holder ended up being the perfect solution to my mountain of mail. With three slots I was able to put bills in one slot, thank you cards and invitations in another, and junk mail in the third. The key rings at the bottom are super-convenient too; I spend so much less time searching for my keys now that I have a suitable place to keep them. I purchased the black mail holder, but there is also a satin nickel color available from Stacks and Stacks.


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