Plastic Bag Dryer – The Recycler’s Kitchen Friend


Plastic Bag DryerEvery time I go to my mom’s house, there is one thing that drives me crazy. No, not her infinite questioning, nor her ability to notice every minute thing that’s changed about me physically… she reuses plastic food bags. Which is not a bad thing, in fact it’s awesome! I too want to do all I can do be eco-conscious, but I haven’t evolved this far yet. In time I will. And it’s not the act of reusing plastic bags that bothers me; it’s what happens every time I go to the sink in her kitchen to wash my hands or rinse an apple.

Surely, you’ve seen this before: said bag, washed squeaky clean for reusing, is perched face down atop the kitchen sink faucet, drying happily, then nose-dives into dirty dish that’s soaking in a bubble bath at the base of the sink. Ah, the mess. That wonderful, added mess. Then, if you’re me, you snatch said bag from its new location and throw it across the kitchen in an aggravated fit. Nobody wins in this scenario, folks.

So I recently fixed the problem by purchasing a plastic bag dryer for my mom’s kitchen counter, from Stacks and Stacks. How cool is this neat little organizer? She put it beside the sink and now dries out her plastic bags for reusing in a very appropriate manner that doesn’t get my blood boiling. She’s happy, I’m happy, and the plastic food bags are…drying better (they don’t experience emotions, apparently).

I was so impressed by its efficiency that I’m definitely going to start using one too. And I’m sure I’ll find more handy uses for the little bag dryer. If you can think of any, leave a comment with your suggestions! Happy recycling everyone!


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