Paper Piles Driving you Nuts?


mail pilesDon’t let those piles get you down! One of the most frequent requests we get are tips on mail organization. Rest assured, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce those piles of mail that seem to pop up everywhere around the house.

Mail organizers come in all styles these days, with every home decor theme taken into consideration. From door entry mail organizers to magnetic models that stick to the fridge, there is truly something for everyone.

Here are some different types of mail organizers to consider:

• Wall Mail Organizers: These are very popular because they eliminate that problem of wasted counter space. Beautiful hardwood wall racks are great in the kitchen or office. Look for separate slots that you can designate as “Incoming Bills”, “Outgoing Mail”, “School” and more. Many of these also have built-in key racks and other extras for additional organizing power.

• Desktop Mail Organizers: These are great in the office, but also can be a one-stop-household organizer in the kitchen if that is where you typically sort your letters and bills. One of the benefits of these desk style mail holders is that they can have a much larger space capacity than the wall mounted organizers. This comes in handy for those of us who can’t seem to let go of our catalogs in between seasons.

• Magnetic Baskets: Slap these on the fridge for space-efficient mail organizing. Note that they are usually smaller than the wall and desk organizers, so they tend to lack the sorting capabilities that the others provide.

• Check out these general tips on reducing mail clutter:

– Call companies whose catalogs you don’t want to receive anymore.
– Keep a recycling bin with a shredder right next to your mail organizer to avoid creating those piles in the first place. You can drop ads right into the recycling, and shred anything that has personal information on it.
– Sign up for online billing where possible with your utilities and credit cards. You’ll be saving a tree at the same time!