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Quote of the Week: On Goals

By Eva Wallace

road-less-traveledWe are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.
~Robert Brault

Posted December 16, 2011, filed in Quote of the Week


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From Shari, December 30 2011

I love this quote. It certainly explains why I get off track so often. The clearer path looks easier…the picture should include a dangerous entity or obstacle at the end of the path to remind us that the easier route isn't always the safest route.

From Eva Wallace, December 30 2011

Ha! So true, Shari…

From Moreen Torpy, May 22 2012

Great quote! It's all about those sneaky shiny bright objects that get in the way. Is there some kind of sunglasses that will dim them so the really big goals are the only visible ones?

From Eva Wallace, May 22 2012

Now there's an invention worth a million! :)

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