Baby Steps to De-Cluttering Your Office


office organization suppliesIt happens to everybody: one day you look around your office and you wonder, “How did this get so disorganized?”

An untidy office and a messy desk can make you feel overwhelmed. It can even make you feel insecure about yourself because you’ll wonder how you can get back on top of the clutter.

First of all, don’t beat yourself up, and start taking small steps to get organized. Don’t feel compelled to clean it all in one go, after all – your desk didn’t get messy in one hour, so it will take time to get it de-cluttered and organized. Make a plan to get back on track, and start thinking about what office organization supplies you’ll need.

If you have a lot of pens, a pen cup (or pencil cup!) is a must have. They keep your writing implements close at hand, where they need to be. Consider getting separate ones for pens and pencils, rather than jumbling them into one cup.

Another must have office organization supply is a desk drawer organizer. With the segmented areas, you’ll find the perfect place for paper clips, sticky notes, erasers, pushpins, and all those little office supplies that seem to get lost. They won’t get lost anymore!

Another essential office accessory is a bulletin board or corkboard. While computers make make scheduling easier with the click of a button, sometimes you just need to keep something tangible, like a note or business card, in plain sight to remind you of that meeting you just can’t miss!

Speaking of computers, while most business is done via email, you still probably have a stack of letters and other paper correspondence sitting on your desk. A mail organizer or letter sorter is the perfect way to figure out what’s priority, and what’s meant for the trash.

And when it comes to trash, don’t forget the trash cans best friend, a paper shredder. A paper shredder is not only one of the most terrific office organization supplies, it also keeps you and your company’s information secure.

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