Deep Drawer Organizer – Perfect For Every Room


Deep Drawer OrganizerIf you’re like me, and staying organized doesn’t come very naturally, then you’ll understand what I just experienced upon looking for something in the infamous “junk drawer” of my kitchen. The junk drawer used to be a wonderful place for me. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable solution for any small item that didn’t have a place otherwise. And because it’s a drawer, I’ve been able to keep its unruly state out of sight and out of mind. Until it exploded in my face and nearly drove me crazy!

I decided it was time get the junk drawer organized and under control, and while at it, address other drawers in my home that needed sorting out. My clutter-busting savior arrived in the form of a very cool deep drawer organizer from Stacks and Stacks. Why did I choose this particular drawer divider? Because it is simple and yet versatile enough for my needs (and probably for those of you who are like me). I didn’t want to spend time measuring, configuring, assembling and whatnot – that’s just not my style! I was able to simply place the organizer caddy in each drawer and put stuff back in the appropriate slots. Super easy!

And here’s what I accomplished with my drawer organizers:

• Kitchen junk drawer: batteries, match books, birthday candles, pens and other little things no longer spread out far and wide, hiding underneath each other and magically disappearing.

• Bottom bathroom drawer: hair accessories and styling tools each have a happy home.

• Under the kitchen sink: my cleaning supplies are no longer falling over each other, fighting for a place with good visibility.

I am so pleased with how well these drawer organizer caddies have fit into my life; I’m looking for other areas that can benefit from them. This new little obsession with drawer organization has inspired me, and apparently that’s all it took for me to introduce a little order!


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