Create Your Oasis


Agadir single bench by Zuo ModernThe Agadir Single Bench by Zuo Modern is the ultimate in multi purpose furniture! If you’ve been looking to update your outdoor decor to something more modern, this stool has you covered. With UV treated synthetic fibers and an aluminum frame, this stool is designed to stand up to outdoor conditions, but also works well inside at the bar or against the kitchen counter.

The other thing I like about this patio stool is the synthetic woven design. It makes me think of the kind of furniture you would see at a tropical resort, which is a style that I can certainly get behind in my own home!

If you like that tropical look, here are some more ways to bring it into your own patio or garden, building around a piece like the Agadir Single Bench:

1. Torches – Number one on the list of turning your backyard into a tropical retreat has to be torches. Tiki, stainless steel, wood, whatever material you choose, that flickering flame is guaranteed to make you feel like you are in Hawaii or the Caribbean.

2. Comfortable Lounge Chairs – Think cushions, cushions, cushions. A nice chaise screams “RELAX” in a gentle way, of course. Whether you are poolside or not, you will feel transported to a tropical paradise in your head and heart.

3. Fire Pit or Barbeque – A chiminea is a great idea, but if you can’t get your hands on one, a fire pit works just as well, and ensures that you are warm while enjoying the garden, even if you don’t live in a tropical climate. The smell of food on the barbeque is another sure-fire way to take you back to the last vacation you had!

Whatever outdoor decor you are striving for, a great place to start is with one inspirational piece, building upon that to create the outdoor oasis you deserve!


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