Keepin Clean With The Forma Soap Dispenser


Forma Soap DispenserWhen it comes to cold and flu season cleaning your hands and your home is key. Stop infection from spreading by making sure you always have antibiotic soap on hand. Anything that can get touched by germ covered hands like door handles or electronics also needs to be disinfected. There are lots of cleaning products especially designed to keep your home healthy.

The most basic step is to keep a soap dispenser on hand at the kitchen sink as well as in the bathroom. The forma 2 steel and plastic soap dispenser has a large capacity and rust proof base ideal for using throughout the home.

A home air cleaner helps remove pet dander, dust mites and other small particles without any work required from you. Simply place this home air cleaner in a high traffic part of your home, like the living room or bedroom, and let it do it’s work.

Don’t forget about other places that dirty hands can touch, like keyboards. Computer cleaning kits feature tools designed for getting in between keys and collecting dust in hard to get places. Make sure to also clean other electronic devices you use every day like MP3 players and phones.

Feel like getting heavy duty? Try a sanitizing wand to clean everything from mattresses to kitchen counters. Especially effective for getting rid of dust mites and killing bacteria, a sanitizing wand is a sure fire way to clean your whole house.

Steam cleaning is another way to thoroughly clean multiple surfaces throughout your home. Great for cleaning counter tops in the bathroom or kitchen, this is en effective way to clean away dirt as well as ensure surfaces are rid of bacteria with hot water. Using water as opposed to chemicals is another smart choice for all homes, particularly when you have small children.