Favorite Cleaning Tools of 2012

wooden step stoolCall me crazy, but I do love to clean house. But only some areas. For example, I really don’t like to clean the dishes or the kitchen in general, but odd jobs like dusting or cleaning the bathrooms are very gratifying jobs in my opinion. So I thought to kick off the new year, I’d share some of my favorite cleaning tools, products and must-have accessories that are guaranteed to make life easier when it comes to chores.
1. Step Stools – Let’s face it, unless you are six feet tall and live alone, you need a step stool. And if, like me, you live in a two story house, make that two step stools that you need. Because you and I both know that you are not going to go all the way upstairs to grab a stool and bring it back down to reach on top of that fridge. If that refrigerator top is going to get dusted, it’s only going to happen if it is easy. This simple wooden step stool does the job and is nice enough to leave out in plain sight.
2. Natural Cleaners – While I still use pine cleaner in the toilet bowl once a week, everything else gets cleaned with straight up vinegar. It’s cheap and effective against germs. If I want something that smells good, I go with a commercially made natural cleaner. And for the kitchen sink, I simply scrub with dish soap. I figure if it’s good enough for cleaning dishes, it’s good enough for the sink too!
3. Pole Dusters – These telescoping dusters are great inside and outside the house, no matter how high your ceilings are. Again, easy is the keyword here. You are more likely to get those cobwebs out of the corners of the room if you have a tool that will make it quick and easy.
Happy New Year!

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