Natural Window Coverings Bring the Outdoors In


kona roman bamboo shadesMy favorite types of window treatments are nature-inspired. That’s because you may need privacy, but you might not want to shut yourself off from the natural outdoor views. A natural window covering is perfect for this situation, a sort of middleman between you and your garden. The Kona Roman Bamboo Shades are a great choice for this purpose. Roman shades are perfect for adding a natural touch and sufficient light blockage and privacy to any room. The Kona shades are made of bamboo which is both eco-friendly and high quality for longevity.

Here are some other tips for choosing natural style window treatments for the home:

· Fabrics – If you don’t like the look of wooden shades, and prefer fabric curtains instead, look for something with a nature inspired print such as leaves or flowers. Another way to go is sheer. This is a great choice for rooms that need a little bit of privacy, but not somewhere where maximum privacy is needed. Sheer fabrics make great curtains and they allow for a glimpse of the outdoors, plus that natural light can still shine through!

· Shoji Screens – These handy, traditional room dividers can act as treatments in front of windows that are placed lower to the ground, or if you want privacy but it don’t necessarily need it to extend to the ceiling. This is a very modern way to gain privacy in front of a window and the rice paper backing on these screens is absolutely stunning with a little sunlight shining through! Alternatively, look for other styles of room dividers with painted or photos of flowers or greenery. I’ve even seen waterfalls – can’t get much closer to nature than that!

· Wooden Shades – Wood is inherently a natural material. It also has the benefit of working well with most room decor themes. A great way to go if you are looking to bring a natural feel into your room!


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