Storage In Style


12 plate dinner plate storage chestOrganizing itself is definitely in style, but what about the tools you use to organize – are they pulling their weight in terms of aesthetics? Nowadays, you can find almost any type of organizer that has been updated to look as good as it works. You don’t have to keep everything in unsightly plastic boxes if you don’t want to. Believe me, plastic box storage has its place, but that place is in a closet or in the garage. Not in plain view of everyone that walks through your house! There is little room for excuse anymore. Stylish organizers are available for every room of the home!

Here is your guide to finding organizers that don’t compromise on style:

• Baskets – Woven baskets are a nice alternative to plastic boxes. They can be used to store almost anything, from toys in the playroom to fruit in the kitchen and much more! My favorite ones have colorful liners to add playful color and patterns to the home decor scheme. There are even wicker file boxes to help out in the office.

• Decorative Boxes – A modern update on traditional baskets. These boxes make ugly storage a thing of the past. A perfect example is the 12 plate dinner plate storage chest which keeps china and other dinnerware safe from breakage while it is stored. The nice thing about this china keeper is the window that lets you see the pretty dishes while they are safely stowed away!

• Trendy Closet Organizers – There are many new closet organizers, including over the door shoe racks and even under bed boxes that are made with colorful patterned fabric. Much nicer than plain brown, I think!
Whatever your storage need, there is sure to be an organizer out there that was designed with function and form in mind.