A Cute Little All-Purpose Plastic Tote


plastic tote bagsI really love being able to live in the city; there is just so many activities to do and things to see, and it is all available to you right at your fingertips. One of my very favorite perks of city living is that it is totally practical to walk to many of my everyday chores, things such as grocery shopping. It is so nice to be able to walk out your front door and be at the supermarket in just ten minutes, never having to worry about battling for parking or fighting off rush-hour traffic. Plus, you get a little built-in exercise every day!

The only issue with running the majority of your errands on foot is that the paper or plastic bags the store provides are often flimsy, ripping, tearing and falling apart on the walk home. In addition, many cities around the nation have started to impose a fee for each bag you need at the checkout line. Though not expensive, it can add up, plus using tons of grocery bags is harmful to the environment. The simple solution for this is to purchase reusable bags for your daily trips.

One of the best solutions I have found is the plastic tote bags available at Stacks and Stacks. These tote bags are relatively small, so they are better for smaller trips, not major shopping excursions. The totes are made from very sturdy plastic material, ensuring that they will hold up even when packed full and carried over long distances.

In addition to being a great resource for shopping and other errands, these totes make excellent beach bags! The sturdy plastic construction is not effected by the sand of the beach, and they are easy to clean. I just throw it in the sink and rinse it off with hot water.

Available in three different colors, there is a tote bag for everyone! You can find these bags online at StacksandStacks.com!


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