Keep the Plastic Bags Corralled


plastic bag holderTo me, there are fewer things in life more joyful than owning a dog. They provide constant companionship and never ending loyalty. My dog has taught me responsibility, one of which is taking her out when she needs to go. Unfortunately for me, I live in an apartment building with that does not have a backyard for her to go, so I am forced to take my dog out to the nearest public park when she needs to go.

I do not mind taking my little friend out a few times a day, in fact it is nice to get outside and enjoy a walk every single day. However, I have been saving every plastic bag I get from the grocery store or drug store to use at the public park. For one thing, it is the law to clean up after your pet at the parks we frequent, but additionally I like to show my neighbors and neighborhood a little respect by cleaning up after my dog every single time.

Saving all of these plastic bags has started to make my closets and cabinets in the kitchen get out of control. Plastic bags are really hard to organize; I usually just stuff all of them into the largest plastic bag I can find. The issue with this is that I have so many bags that they just do not fit into one bag. The perfect solution to this storage dilemma is the wire waste basket and bag holder.

It is small enough to fit under my sink and short enough to make it easy to get bags into the basket. And while I use this for bag storage, it makes an excellent under-sing wastebasket too! The sturdy wire metal frame ensures that the bags do not fall out and make a mess under the sink. It also includes a place for storing paper bags.