Product of the Week – Magnetic Bulletin Boards!


Magnetic Bulletin Board - Metal and Corkboard by UmbraThis week’s featured product combines two classic styles of office organizers into one piece, bulletin boards and magnetic message boards! The magnetic bulletin boards by Umbra can be used with magnets and also with push pins, thanks to a hidden soft backing. This is a great organizer for the home, office, dorm room, school and more! I think this organizer is especially helpful for students, giving them two ways to hang their school work and personal notes. They may want to use magnets to hold their homework, so that they don’t have to poke holes in it, and leave the thumb tacks for notes and reminders. The modern silver finished metal design makes a nice design focal point on any wall, great for the home office too!

Here are more some tips on choosing home organizers:

· Style – Don’t sacrifice style, there are so many different options on the market these days. Choose from wall mounted hardwood organizers to leather table and countertop models! Let your home organizer, whether mounted to the wall or sitting on a table, be part of your home decor scheme!

· Materials – Choose something that fits your decor style, and also something that is easy to clean or dust. Metal, wood and even plastic are great choices in this department.

· Capacity and Configuration – Before shopping, think of all the types of items you will need to store in your organizer. For example, do you need a mail sorter for bills or perhaps a magazine section for incoming catalogs and periodicals? Look for models that are multi purpose, like this magnetic bulletin board. Or are you simply in need a of a message board for the family to use together? If so, consider a small chalkboard for a fun, whimsical feel on any wall – especially great in the kitchen for menu planning!