Grad Life – Part One: Closets 101 – A Course for the Recent Graduate


gradCongratulations on your amazing achievement! Now enough with the partying, it’s time to get down to business. Specifically, it’s time to get you started on your way toward a more organized lifestyle. Getting your apartment, studio, parent’s basement…wherever you happen to be living, in order now will give you the fresh start that you need as you begin your oh-so-new grown-up life.

There’s a good chance that if you have just graduated from college, you are in the process of moving. The fact of the matter is that many grads fall into one of the three categories: Ready to move out (on their own, sans roommates), ready to move up (better apartment), or ready to move back home (for a while). No matter which category you fall into, this is a great time to organize your closet.

Here are detailed steps on how to organize a closet of any size:

1. You will need 2 boxes. Cardboard is free and works just fine. Label one box “Giveaway”. Label the other box “Out of Season”. Do you see where I’m going here? That’s right, I want you to go through every shoe, scarf, shirt, toga, tank, skirt and decide which box it’s going to go into, or if it is going to go back in the closet for use. For instance, wool sweaters go in the “out of season” box, while Halloween costumes (hopefully) go into the “giveaway” box.

2. Baskets Hold Accessories – Line the top closet shelf with just a few baskets, like the Small Wire Basket – Set of 2 which can hold everything from belts and scarves to old wallets and other accessories.

3. Closet Double Rods literally double the hanging space that you have in your closet. Most garments, particularly business attire, which you will be buying more and more of very soon, do not need the full height provided by a closet bar. A closet doubler is perfect for shorter garments like skirts, folded slacks and blouses.

4. Shoe Storage – Lastly, check out your shoe storage situation. If you already have a shoe rack, that’s great, simply give it a quick look-through to make sure you aren’t hanging onto any old footwear that you really don’t need anymore. If you don’t already have a shoe rack, choose from a freestanding shoe rack to be used inside or outside the closet, or, my personal favorite, an Over the Door Shoe Organizer which is the most space-efficient by far and very budget friendly.