Old Faves Get a Modern Look


umbrella standSometimes it seems to me that much of the good stuff has already been invented. I’m not talking technology here, I’m thinking more along the lines of stuff for the home. But many of us prefer a more modern look to our home decor style, so how can we incorporate these old fashioned items into our contemporary decor scheme? If you are a weekend DIY-er, you can certainly update the look of a piece of furniture simply by changing up the color. If you are me, you simply look for already -made fashionable upgrades to some old time favorite home accessories. Take this Umbrella Stand, for example. An umbrella stand is certainly something that has been around for hundreds of years, gracing the front entryway of the home, but many of the ones that you see are made of wrought iron to look aged. This umbrella stand is made of stainless steel with beautiful striped cutouts around the top edge. This gives your home the contemporary feel you want, but it still functions the same way, catching water to protect your floors from moisture damage.

Modern Updates in Other Areas of the Home:

Living Room – Lamps – Obviously a great invention, and now you can find them in pretty much any decor style you are attached to. For the contemporary home, look for clean lines and sleek metal work with punches of color here and there.

Kitchen – Bread Boxes – A totally old-fashioned idea, but now you can get them in stainless steel or chrome for an updated look in the kitchen.
Bathroom – Toilet Paper Holders – Look for updates to this classic, and most essential, piece of equipment in the house. I like the freestanding toilet tissue holders with built in magazine racks.

Office – Toss your old cardboard file boxes (remember Bankers Boxes?) and update your storage system with woven wicker or other natural fiber hanging file boxes in dark grays and rich espressos.